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Project Planning and Documentation

From Inception to Completion and Beyond


Teswaine Technologies takes pride in the performance of its project managers and delivery of projects and designs in a timely and cost effective manner. Our corporate model allows us to be efficient in our pricing structure and the savings are passed on to our clients. As you review our proposals, you will find that there are no hidden fees and we actively endeavor never to replace the experienced project manager and team that we propose for a project.


Methodology for Success

  Teswaine services are delivered based upon a proven methodology that is focused on our client’s project requirements and timeframes. Our objective is completing your projects on schedule and within your budget.
Understanding Relationships   We work hand in hand with you to gain an understanding of the corporate relationships that typically exist in every project. Together, we are able to coordinate the diverse requirements and help to produce integrated project schedules that work within your corporate framework.

IT Assessment and Budget




We believe that every project begins with proper documentation. Our plans, controls and schedules are inherently unique as well as an integral part of every Teswaine project. We provide our clients with detailed and current documentation that allows them to stay engaged every step of the way.


Our engineers have prior experience working in large corporations providing them with first hand knowledge of the importance of developing an accurate budget and staying on track. We set realistic budgets and milestones early  in the design process. Our successful method of cost analysis has continued to keep Teswaine competitive in  an  ever changing economy. Additionally, our history with union and non-union work throughout the country adds an extra measure of expertise that is necessary for success.

     Project Planning


The Project Schedule is an important tool in the Teswaine process. With it, we are able to focus on the critical path milestones of your project, assign the appropriate professional at the right time, manage the vendor, purchasing programs and completion cost variances. We control change order costs using our Cost-Control Program and through this process, we deliver a cost-effective approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

Bid Development and Managing Change Controls




The Teswaine Request For Proposal can also be used as a change control document to understand budget adjustments and provide cost management during the project cycle. The Teswaine Unit Cost Spreadsheet allows the client to understand change costs prior to implementation and if the changes are outside the budget, they can be adjusted accordingly. Managing costs are an integral part of any successful project. We understand the importance of Change Control and we seriously undertake to control costs and change orders by producing tight and cost controlling specifications. We also offer a Financial Control Program to track costs associated with the Project and provide real time audit reports.

 Quality Assurance


We make every effort to maintain the overall project manager from the project inception to project completion. At all times, we use a Project Team approach to ensure that unforeseen circumstances have a limited impact to the project success.


We use a proven Quality Assurance Plan, developed for the largest global financial institution, to ensure that the quality expected is the quality received. Through the use of our Quality Assurance Plan, we manage and monitor the project through the design development stage, implementation and commissioning to ensure a seamless migration to the new environment. We then provide a comprehensive documentation set that defines the completed project and includes database compliant pull and patching schedules.

Performance and Delivery  

Whether  it  is  benchmarking  against industry standards,  evaluating  special  services  and  offering  value  engineering, or identifying qualified vendors and contractors, the true measure of success is our client’s satisfaction with our deliverables and our cost efficiency.








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